What is Nano Waterproofing?

What is Nano Waterproofing?

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Nano mist waterproofing is a technique used by specialist waterproofing contractors to improve the longevity of existing building waterproofing systems. If you have never heard of nano waterproofing, then this article is for you. In it, we will cover the science and technology behind nano waterproofing while explaining why many professionals utilise it.

An Introduction to Nano Waterproofing

Nano mist waterproofing is essentially a liquid based spray which when applied to a surface, helps to waterproof it. It has wide ranging applications, being compatible with many common materials such as concrete, cement, masonry, wood and marble. In fact, it is not only used for waterproofing building surfaces but also that of fabrics and cars.

The Science Behind Nano Technology

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When applied to a surface, nano particles organise themselves to form a coating that bonds with the surface. Provided that the surface is smooth and not absorbent, the nano particles combine well with the surface.

After 1 or 2 days, the coating fully develops its anti-adhesive characteristics. At which point, liquids and foreign particles can no longer adhere to the surface, and are simply repelled. This includes all liquids, dirt fungus, lichen, algae and moss.

While foreign matter cannot adhere to the surface, the nano coating does not affect the appearance, texture of breathability of the treated surface. This is due to the nano coating only being a few nano-metres thin.

It should be noted that nanotechnology is certainly not a new or novel technology. Rather, it has been tested for years with steady improvements being made. As it is now, nano waterproofing technology is fairly advance in terms of its characteristics and knowledge of application.

A Description of how it Works

Once the nano particles have formed a coating on the surface, water will not be able to touch the surface. Should any water droplets land on it, they will slide off to a surrounding area. In this sense, you could describe the event as water being repelled from the nano waterproofing layer.

The Advantages of Nano Waterproofing Technology

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There are several different advantages that make nano waterproofing technology a preferred method within the industry.

Long Lasting

For starters, in addition to having a relatively simple application process, nano mist waterproofing also lasts for up to 2 years. This is in large part due to the coating being both abrasion resistant and UV stable. As such, unless place under extreme conditions, the coating fairs well against any external forces.

Furthermore, little to no maintenance or cleaning is required for the layer. Once applied, the coating keeps the surface safe from water, dirt and abrasion.

Resistant to Discoloration

Since nano waterproofing coats are UV stable, applying them to your surface helps to prevent discolouration or yellowing. This can be a big deal especially for buildings with white exterior surfaces that are exposed to the sun’s UV rays for long hours.

Essentially, the nano waterproofing coat would be lengthening the life span of the surface’s coat of paint.

Seamless and Uniform Coating

Being able to apply a seamless and uniform coating is important in waterproofing. By not having any gaps or areas of weakness, water or any other foreign particles will not be able to easily penetrate the coating.

Through spray application, the nano waterproofing coat can be applied efficiently and evenly.


The nano mist adheres well to materials commonly found in most homes and offices – concrete, cement and masonry. Given their wide usage, the usage of nanotechnology is a must when constructing or maintaining buildings.


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Wood is notorious for naturally drawing in water and moisture. This makes it a prime environment for mould growth and decay. The danger that arises is that its strength weakens over time, thus harming the structural integrity of the building.

To repel water and moisture from entering the pores of wood, a layer of nano waterproofing should be applied to all wooden structures. This helps to preserve the lift of the structure and thus ensure the stability of the building.


Marble that has had water or dirt penetrate, will lose its elegant appearance. Moreover, once dirt has invaded it, removal becomes difficult as the stains are often highly stubborn. To prevent such an occurrence, waterproof treatment should be applied.

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