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Façade cleaning is essential to all businesses as it serves as the image for the entire building. Façade cleaning covers a variety of materials such as glass, metal, wood facades, and stone claddings. We provide façade cleaning services which comprise of cleaning both high and low rise as well as the interior and exterior sides of the windows. Our team consists of maintenance and cleaning experts equipped with the latest equipment to remove dirt to produce a fresh and clean image for your business. For high scale cleaning, our workers are qualified and approved by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA).


1. Glass facades are vulnerable to scratches from dirt and can be stained with water leaching mineral deposits. Hence, dirt must be frequently cleaned to prevent these from damaging the glass facades.


2. Stone claddings tend to be costly; however, quality is worth the price you pay. They have high resistance to water, pests, heat, coldness, and fire. They are easy to clean and upkeep. However, this must be done frequently to maintain its quality.


3. Metal facades are not susceptible to water damages, rot, and organic growth. However, they are vulnerable to rust and discoloration when the seal or finishing is not completed correctly.


4. Wood facades require frequent up keeping due to their weak resistance against pests like termites. A viable treatment is to utilise chemicals for preserving the quality of the material.


Our façade cleaning solutions involves coating and hydrophobing to ensure that the building image is preserved, and the building maintains its value. When hydrophobic coating is applied onto a surface, it transforms the surface to become highly resistant to corrosion, mould growth, UV rays, and water damages. This effectively adds a potent additional layer of protection to ensure that the durability of the surface lasts and serves a damage preventive measure.

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