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Polycarbonate is a material that derives from thermoplastics, which has excellent strength, yet it is lightweight. This material is sturdy and can withstand impacts making it a much stronger material than glass. It is highly resistant to extreme heat and coldness and will not deteriorate quickly if exposed to these elements for an extended period. A shelter made from polycarbonate shares a similar unique property of transparency from glass. Hence, it can be found not only on roofs but in observatories, balconies, and sunrooms.


Our polycarbonate is the solution that enables users to enjoy outdoor areas, protecting against the weather elements of sunlight, heat, and rain. It is an excellent alternative to glass as it is much lower in cost, share the transparency property, and has greater strength as compared to glass. Shelters made from polycarbonate are aesthetically pleasing and require little to no maintenance.


There are different polycarbonate types where the opacity levels might differ in transparency. However, polycarbonate shelters still allow light into the premises to increase the light levels. It can be used for greenhouses, as well. Polycarbonate shelter and roofing can combine with trellises to create a relaxing atmosphere. It also allows natural sunlight to enter and reflect harmful UV rays from the sun.


Tac Contracts offer installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement services for all our polycarbonate shelters. We have various designs and sizes which can be customised to suit your needs.

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