Residential areas such as condominiums require repainting periodically to preserve their appearance of prestige and cleanliness. Condos are an investment and a home to people; hence, impressions are essential to the users and their family. Unlike commercial premises, residential spaces have little complexity in terms of the methods and paint used. We provide painting and repainting services to give condominiums a fresh coat of paint or a makeover. We only use high-quality paint to fulfil all your painting needs. This ensures that the quality of materials and work is durable and aesthetically pleasing. An excellent painting contractor covers three aspects of a good painting or repainting job.

1. Reasonable Pricing

Cost is often a major consideration when consumers source for a painting contractor. Tac Contracts understand that and offer competitive pricing to ensure that users pay according to their needs and concerns. Some consumers prefer aesthetically pleasing designs and patterns, which can cost much more than ordinary paint jobs. Some may prefer a simple single colour paint job that covers an entire surface area. Although the cost varies according to the various needs and wants, a good contractor understands the limitation. They will help their customers plan their budget to ensure that value is added to their homes.

2. High-Quality Materials and Equipment

In Singapore, owning a condominium can be considered a luxury and a notable investment. Hence, the quality of paint and tools used should respect and contribute to the value of the property instead of damaging it. Besides having high-quality paint and equipment, our team of workers are experienced to paint condominium of different layout and sizes skillfully. Our objectives are to skillfully create a vibrant atmosphere and end the process with a beautiful finish for your condo.

3. Complimentary Services

There are specific projects or situations which require repainting or touching up. A paint touch-up is not a simple task as re-applying paint onto a damaged or decolorised area. The touch-up must replicate the appearance of the entire surface under various lighting conditions. Some dangers to be cautious about are the difference in glossiness, texture of the target area, colour difference, and opacity. Touch -up services are often necessary for both aesthetic and practical purposes. Although it is a complimentary service, this can be a crucial factor that ensure the durability and perfection in the finishing touches.

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