Rope Access Works


As one of our primary services, rope access works involves repair and maintenance performed on the side of buildings or high scaling areas. Cleaning, replacement, and maintenance are just some of the services that we perform in the rope access works.


Workers can only access these areas by scaling the side of buildings which are inaccessible by normal means. Some examples of rope access include cleaning skyscrapers, bridge, and tower repairs, and maintenance works.


This method of replacement, maintenance, and cleaning is environmentally friendly. It does not cause any pollution and reduces energy and resource consumption, unlike older and more traditional methods of cleaning and maintenance, which consumes more resources. Besides being environmentally friendly, the speed of the project can be increased due to the easy setup and dismantling process. Rope access systems are often easy to set up and dismantled as compared to other ways and equipment. When conducting rope access, it does not affect other operations. It speeds up the entire process, reduces delays, and is safe for any working environment that requires it.


Our employees are all qualified and approved by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA). This holds the highest standard for safety and compliance, which is our priority in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our staff. Regular training and credentials will ensure that we are updated and always ready for any rope access works.


Tac Contract is the preferred and trusted contractors with experience and certification by the relevant authority. We provide works that are in strict compliance with legal and safety regulations. You can rest assured that we are safe and efficient in every rope access work that we provide.

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