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Proper flooring is a necessity, as users will inevitably use it daily. Hence it must be flawless and even to prevent accidents from occurring. Tiling works consist of the installation and repairing of broken or damaged tiles. Tiles may loosen over time, which can be dangerous for the occupants as they may sustain cuts or trip over loose pieces. We provide tile replacement and repair services at affordable pricing with over many designs to suit your needs.

Other Tiles works We Offer

Besides broken tiles, tiles may pop out due to air pressure that is released from beneath the spaces in-between the ground and the tiles. We can restore and resolve these issues by fixing the tiles in place during the installation process to ensure that history does not repeat itself. We can repair all types of tiles, including walkways, toilets, kitchen in both residential and commercial areas.

Our services for tiling works include:

• Tile Installation
• Fitting loose or pop up tiles
• Grout Repair
• Tile Repairs (Overlaying)

Beyond Repair?

For tiles that are beyond repair, we offer tile replacement and maintenance services that ensure your safety while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing image. We have a range of tiles and flooring selection, such as natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, and marble tiles. If you are looking for unique tiles like mosaic or designer tiles, then the installation process might take longer to install, but the aesthetic is worth the wait.

Our services for tiling replacement work include:

• Tile Hacking
• Customised Tile Fitting

Our team possesses years of experience in replacement and repair works. They can recommend and provide a solution that is customisable and benefits you.

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