Reinstatement Work


The key priorities in every reinstatement work are safety and planning. The construction site should be planned out meticulously, such as what needs to be dismantled and how to dispose of debris and dirt properly. Our team will ensure a seamless reinstatement process that is completed with efficiency and punctuality. During the process, we are transparent about the necessary safety requirements set by the authorities. Our reinstatement work consists of three processes.

1. Hacking

Hacking is the best way for tenants to revert a property to its original condition to the landlord. This service includes hacking walls and tiles, destroying false walls and the removal of furniture, glassworks, toilet works, cement works, painting, and general cleaning. Hacking is a process that must be executed accordingly to regulations and adhere to building requirements. This is to prevent any unnecessary permanent damages from occurring in the premise.


2. Dismantling

Unlike hacking, dismantling is the removal of parts without destroying the main components of the dismantled objects. Items which are dismantled are usually recycled, reused or salvaged for other purposes. During the planning phase, the items and objects that need to be dismantled are separated from those that require to be hacked. Safety features such as temporary supporting structural will be installed to prevent any damages. Our dismantling services include disconnecting telephone lines, electricity, water, and gas sources.


3. Disposal

The reinstatement process can get messy and dirty if proper disposal services are not implemented. Debris and un-recyclable parts are required to be thrown away, therefore having a proper disposal service can help facilitate this process. People may discard or leave unwanted items such as curtains, blinds, wall, and ceiling treatments behind. There are other items which require more manpower and can be tedious to remove and dispose of. These items include organic materials such as a large amount of plants, fish ponds, and leftovers. Our services include gathering, removing, packaging, and disposing of all these unwanted items and objects.


Areas of Reinstatement Works:

• Retail Stores
• Workplaces
• Residential Areas
• Commercial Areas


Our Services:

• Hacking Services
• Dismantling Services
• Disposal Services
• Removal and Relocation Services

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