Repainting in a commercial setting consist of interior and exterior painting. These are the two primary consideration one must make before painting. The exterior of a building is continuously exposed to elements of the weather and heat. The heat will cause the paint to fade in saturation and glossiness; hence, choosing when to engage a repainting service is essential. This can maximise the quality of the colour, lifespan, and affect the cost-efficiency.

On the other hand, paint on the interior side of the commercial building has little to no contact with weather elements or direct heat from sunlight. Therefore, it requires very little maintenance, but yearly checks should be made.

Regardless of interior and exterior painting, repainting service on a commercial scale tends to be more significant as compared to residential painting works. Depending on the size of each project, it can take from days to months to complete a commercial repainting project. Several considerations must be considered when painting for a commercial site.

1. Material

A commercial repainting project varies in the surface or contact material that the paint is applied onto. The experience, types of paint, and tools required are different from those of residential painting. Commercial painting is more tedious than residential painting as specific methods and application technique is necessary to apply paint on various materials. The material of the surface encountered in commercial painting consist of stucco, concrete, metal.

2. Scale of Project

Commercial buildings and premises can be much larger than individual homes and offices. Planning is vital when one wishes to paint a large premise, as many factors must be taken into consideration. There are many complexities in organisation, labor, and resources needed to complete the timeline without additional complications. For longer paint jobs, the security and protection of paintwork must be planned and executed correctly. This is to avoid unnecessary losses or cause delays in the overall duration and quality of the project.

3. Timeline

For commercial painting, the premises are usually needed for operations to conduct business. Most painting contractors operate during working days and hours. It is vital to plan your commercial paint job so that it does not obstruct the way or disrupt business operations. A good commercial paint contractor can cater to their clients’ schedule to complete the paint project. This means that the paint jobs would be carried out at non-peak hours, during the weekends or after operating hours.

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