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We have a variety of colors and paint types for your selection. We are here to help you find the right look and feel to create your dream home. Choosing the right colors, design, and patterns are very important to larger homes as it sets the tone and theme of the property. Colour schemes should complement the design elements of the private property to emit a suitable feel accordingly to your preferences.


Private properties can be huge, so we ensure that the repainting services is conducted promptly without compromising on quality. Depending on the size of the compound, the duration of the paint can take days to weeks to complete. There are different aspects within a private property in Singapore, such as the exterior and interior sides of the premise. There are certain elements, such as gates, walls, and driveways, which must be painted and waterproofed to prevent the paint from degrading too quickly. In our paint works, we provide an assessment of the surrounding materials, types of paint used as well as the application methods.


Our quality of paint is made up of the highest grade. This is important to us as it prolongs the lifespan of the paint. When the lifespan of paint is prolonged, it maximises the timeline of the paint to ensure that it is long-lasting. This can reduce the number of times the user needs to repaint their homes, causing our work to be cost-efficient.


Our team is highly experienced in advising the type of paint and colour schemes for your private properties. We specialised in identifying areas that have potential for grand design or areas that require extra protection to prevent excessive repainting. This ensures the quality of the work so that value is preserved in the good works that we provide.

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