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Country clubs often cover a wide area which have exterior and interior walls, floors, and ceilings which must be painted. The job duration is dependent on the size of a building or space that requires painting. The period of these painting projects could potentially span from weeks to months, as several factors can affect the speed, quality, and cost of completing it. These are the three main factors that can affect the entire painting process.


Planning is very crucial for large scale projects such as painting or repainting a country club. Besides meeting the timeline, material resources, equipment, and human resources are considerations that a contractor must track and fulfil to ensure the success of the project. In other crucial aspects of planning, it is a must to include contingency plans for failure and delays as it is possible to encounter these issues. If the necessities of preparation are not met, it could lead to severe consequences such as failure of the project. It will incur unnecessary replacement and repair costs, as well as negative relationships between the contractor and the client.

Recommended Period:

The timing of when to carry out the project can drastically affect the outcome of the project. It is important to note certain seasons where bad weather conditions can cause delays. It is unethical and illegal to make workers operate through these bad weather conditions due to safety and workers’ wellbeing issues. Bad weather conditions such as extreme heat or rain can cause the quality of paint to deteriorate at the initial application phase.

Another recommendation is to operate during non-peak or non-operational hours. Blockages and protective signs may affect business operations and cause unnecessary inconvenience to country club users. If the right timing is chosen, it can minimise the odds of damages caused by accidents by users and maximise the paint quality duration. Our contractors can advise you accordingly on when is the optimal season and timing to get the best out of both labour and paint quality.

Cost and Quality:

Country clubs have membership which people pay to visit for corporate to personal recreational activities. Hence, the quality of paint should not be compromised in terms of cost and environmental safety. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are chemical compounds which produce fumes that are detrimental to our health. Although the concentration levels are highest during the initial application, these harmful fumes may continue to emit over months. The appropriate budget should be allocated for all the painting works that use environmentally friendly paint. This is healthy for the users, especially the elderly and children that will be using the country clubs.

Over many years of experience, our repainting and painting services are completed with attention to detail and finish with excellence. Tac Contracts can provide you with a complimentary assessment of your buildings and spaces. Our team is well versed in this industry to provide you with insights and recommendations that best suits your needs.

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