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Religious building are places of worship, respect, and values. Our team understands and treats every minor and major aspect of the building with respect. This is shown in our meticulous works and checks. In a religious place, having the suitable colour schemes and visual application are essential aspects to different cultures and religions. Our paint works are not the focus but rather a supporting feature that emphasises expressions, emotions, and light. The right color of paint can provide various effects such as devotional, ritualistic, or decorative. These effects play a different role in religious places, such as matching the design elements to the specific purpose that each room or area has. Hence, having the right colour and texture must compliment the space.


There are many aspects to creating a space that emits emotions. This addresses the needs of a religious building and how it caters to the needs of the congregation. Although religion does not change, our recommendations and analysis do. We understand that while religion can be similar thought a country, the appearance of the building may not necessarily be the same. Some projects require simplistic, solid colours and minimalistic design to emphasise clarity or purity. While other projects require more tedious work with complicated historical or religious artworks, which serves as a narrative for the users. Our paint works serve as a support which accent the religious elements in the space.


Before each project begins, we treat existing design works and finish our works with minimum to no damages to the surrounding areas. This is to be accountable and show our respect for preserving the appearance of the religious building.


We understand that different religious buildings require different opinion and customisation in planning and works. Our plans and works are fully customised for every client to ensure that you receive a finish that brings true satisfaction. We provide a variety of designs and colours, without compromising, the emphasis of traditions and religion.


Tac Contracts is experienced from the planning to the final execution process for both interior and exterior painting of the entire religious building. We have painted different structures, such as churches, mosques, temples, and other sacred objects and spaces.

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