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Faulty builded and damp basement in a new building.
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Waterproofing your basement is something that you should invest in to preserve its quality and structural integrity. Several factors, such as wear and tear, inadequate workmanship, and low-quality solutions, are possibilities of why your basement has sustained water damages. The basement is more prone to leakages due to the possibility of having multiple sources of the water entry point.

Basement leaks can occur in these areas:


1. Walls:

Over time, rainwater may seep through the external to internal walls, which penetrates and damages the entire wall. Besides mold and moss forming, severe cases can result in leaks into the basement.

2. Windows:

The seals of windows will eventually wear out if not maintained or replaced when necessary. When window seals are damaged, rainwater can use that as an entry point to enter the basement.

3. Ceiling:

The ceiling of a basement is the floor of the level above it. A high level of moisture content which has managed to seep through from the higher floors will cause a leak eventually. If you observe that the ceiling of your basement has watermarks or discolored spots, this means that it is damaged and needs to be promptly resolved. Usually, the older the property, there is a higher possibility that these might occur.

4. The Ground:

Water can seep through the ground into your basement if it is not appropriately waterproofed. The building’s foundation can be damaged and become unstable due to water damages. Proper waterproofing is a necessary step that ensures your basement and structural bars support well from within the concrete.
We can conduct a no-obligation assessment of your basement to recommend solutions that fit your situation.

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