Nano Mist Waterproofing


Nano mist waterproofing is a liquid-based spray which waterproofs the surface, which it comes into contact with. It is compatible with many common materials that can be found in homes and offices. This includes:


Nano mist adheres well with these materials, which are located in most homes or workplaces. This also includes industrial or construction areas that use these materials. Nano mist waterproofing technology can waterproof any surfaces of these materials with ease.


Wood has absorbent properties that draw in water and moisture. Nano mist technology can provide a coating over wood as it enhances it into being water-resistant and create dimensional stability.


Waterproof treatment includes repelling both oil and water, which will affect the appearance and elegance of marble. It prevents dirt and stains from forming on the surface and allows the user to clean it with ease.

Why should you use Nano mist waterproofing?

  • It has a very long shelf life up to 2 years
  • Seamless and uniform coating
  • Extensive and robust power with up to 10mm penetration
  • Has UV Light resistance to avoid discoloration (yellow because of the sun)

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