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Grouting is a technique that is well known and frequently used in water repairs. Polyurethane (PU) is a type of polymer that prevents water from seeping through gaps. It also fills up spaces beneath and within the concrete joints and walls. Spaces created within walls, joints, and ceilings are a result of water damage. When the chemical is injected into the spaces, it transforms into a semi-solid substance that not only blocks out water but repairs the structural integrity.

Our services consist of:

1. Sealing and Waterproofing Spaces to Prevent Water Damage
2. Cover and Protect Cracks on The Surface of Properties
3. Fix Water Damages in False Ceilings


We have two types of PU injections:

Low-Pressure Injection: It has a range from 20-40 psi, which is used for sensitive or areas that are not suitable for high pressured infections. There are usually used to seal surface level or the entry points of the gaps.

High-Pressure Injection: It has a range from 40-250 psi, which makes it much stronger injection to reach deep into the spaces in concrete. A specialised drill is used to create an entry point at a 45-degree angle before making the injection.

After conducting PU grouting works, the outcome of the injection will fill up all the spaces within and on the surface areas of the concrete. It not only drives out the excess water within those spaces, but it also reinforces the structure and strengthen the property’s condition.

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