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Waterproofing is a crucial aspect to maintain structural integrity and prevent any building parts from sustaining water damages. It is critical to conduct checks to ensure that essential areas of your property are waterproofed to avoid any unnecessary trouble in the future. DIY or store-bought solutions are handy; however, they are usually a temporary fix that is not durable. Hence, in most cases, waterproofing is a complicated job that should be left to professionals.

RC Flat Roof Waterproofing:

There are two significant concerns that you should take note of when it comes to waterproofing your flat roof. Firstly, an inclined slope of seven degrees should be present to ensure the water flow. Secondly, there should be a proper drainage system that allows stagnant water to be redirected and not accumulated in an area.

We have a range of services that can help waterproof reinforced concrete RC Flat Roof. Here are some of our solutions:

  1. Multiple Layers of Acrylic Fiber Glass Installation
  2. Membrane Waterproofing Solution (Torched on)
  3. Chemical and Flood Infusion Solutions

Concrete is a common material used for most flat roofs in Singapore. This material is susceptible to temperature changes. The difference in temperature can create cracks and holes in it. Heat expansion and contraction will lead to gaps and spaces which acts as an entry point for water to seep through. This is where waterproofing is crucial to prevent this from occurring. RC Flat Roof Waterproofing is vital for the health of your flat roof. If there is a lack of waterproofing or an unprofessional application, your roofs will deteriorate and sustain structural damage.

RC Gutter Waterproofing

Most gutters attached on roofs are built to be durable, lasting for extended periods. Even though gutters possess high resistance to different weather conditions, its quality will still deteriorate over time.

Our range of services include:

  1. Reattachment of Gutters: A simple re-adjustment of gutters can aid the process of water flow.
  2. Fuse Heating: We can burn the joint areas of gutters, which seals and prevents water leaks. Fuse heating is an efficient and effective way to fuse joints without using additional materials.

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