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When you are in doubt, whether to make repairs or replacement of roof tiles, feel free to contact us. We have a team of professionals ready to answer all of your questions and recommend only the necessary services for you.

Roof tiles are essential to ensure that the roof stays over your heads. Damaged roof tiles can destroy your homes and offices quicker than expected. Roof tiles act as a protective measure against the natural elements of rain and sun. When you have proper roof tiles, it creates a healthy image of the property and maintains its value on the market.

[Restoration]: Upon seeing an old or damaged roof, homeowners always find themselves asking this simple question. Should I fix or replace my entire roof? Usually, it depends if you qualify for a roof restoration. If your roof tiles are damaged beyond restoration, then a replacement would be the only viable option. However, if you can restore the quality of your roof tiles, then you should. Here is why restoring is better than repairing:

1. Value for Money

When you restore your roof tiles, it is cheaper simply because you use lesser resources and labour. Some replacements can consume many hours and cost a bomb.

2. Quality in Lifespan

Restoration works can increase the lifespan of the roof up to 5 years while helping you save more cost.

3. An Effort To Save The Environment

We should all play our part to be environmentally friendly. Old and damaged tiles are difficult to recycle. Hence it adds on to the waste pollution.

4. Pay Lesser Taxes

Roof restoration is considered as maintenance expenditure. You pay lesser taxes when you restore instead of replacing one. This is because the replacement of a roof is considered as a capital expense.

Restoration Steps:

First Step: Our professional team will conduct checks and make observations before creating an action plan.

Second Step: Necessary replacements will be made for both roof tiles and ridge caps, which are then reinstalled.

Third Step: Our specialised water sprayers produce high-pressure flow to remove all the dirt that has accumulated over long periods efficiently.

Fourth Step (Last): After all the necessary installations are completed and checked, a layer of coating is applied as finishing touches. This special coating waterproof treats and increases the lifespan of the roof tiles.

If your roof tiles are beyond the help of roof restoration, we do provide a full replacement of your entire roof. For both restoration and repair of roof tiles, we would conduct a no-obligation assessment of your roof to determine the severity of its condition. Our team has an in-depth knowledge and possesses a vast experience to recommend you accordingly to your situation.

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